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Beginner’s Guide to Shader Forge

A beginner’s guide to making effects with node-based shaders in Shader Forge for Unity Shader Forge is a node-based interface that enables game developers to create shaders for Unity applications. Shaders are a useful thing for every 3d designer to know. Not only do artists need to know how to use them to make a… Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to Shader Forge

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Wonder Woman Movie Recommendation Kersti Rating: 9/10 Worth Seeing In Theaters: Mostly yes. EDIT: I saw this movie again, and loved it even more the second time. There were nuances that made the experience even more heartwarming and deep. So I am raising the rating from the original 8/10 to 9/10. MVP: Wonder Woman is a excellent movie, and… Continue reading Wonder Woman Movie Recommendation

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Why I Did Not Like Undertale

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for the game Undertale. Undertale is a game about a human who gets trapped in the world of monsters and must traverse through their world in order to get home. On the way, this human learns of the sad history between the humans and monsters, and the way the monsters… Continue reading Why I Did Not Like Undertale

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I’m Not Even Ashamed to Admit it, I Loved the Troll Movie This post does not contain spoilers. So Trolls became available to view on Netflix this week. Out of boredom I decided to watch it in the background of doing some other stuff. I expected it to be a dumb and thoughtless movie made for the sole purpose of selling plastic toys. The Troll movie… Continue reading I’m Not Even Ashamed to Admit it, I Loved the Troll Movie

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Where the Hell is Tesla Book Review

Where the Hell is Tesla by Rob Dircks is the story of two average-Joe friends who find the long lost Interdimensional Transfer Apparatus built by Nicola Tesla. After losing their way back to their own dimension, they embark on an exciting adventure to find Tesla in the hope that he can help them get back home. I… Continue reading Where the Hell is Tesla Book Review