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Where the Hell is Tesla Book Review

Where the Hell is Tesla by Rob Dircks is the story of two average-Joe friends who find the long lost Interdimensional Transfer Apparatus built by Nicola Tesla. After losing their way back to their own dimension, they embark on an exciting adventure to find Tesla in the hope that he can help them get back home.

I found this book to be very cute. Not my favorite by any means, and far from the best book I have ever read, but entirely entertaining and lovely all the same. Worth a read or a listen if you are looking for some lighthearted fun.

At first I found the writing style to be a bit gruff, a little too gritty and unrefined for my taste. But since the book is written as a series of emails I found it forgivable. The language choices made sense in context of personal emails. Still not exactly the style of writing I personally enjoy reading but it was narrative appropriate.

To me the story felt like a tall tale fantastical adventure like those in children’s stories. It was unbelievable, unreal, and contrived in places, but it comes off as corny and fun so the experience is still entirely enjoyable.

I listened to this book on audible. I think I probably enjoyed it more with narration than I would have without. It may seem odd, but my favorite thing about this book is the way the narrator says ‘blink blink’. It is one of my favorite things in this world. I want to have a recording of it that i can use as a ring tone sound for when i get texts. Just thinking about it makes me want to giggle.

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