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Wonder Woman Movie Recommendation

Kersti Rating: 9/10

Worth Seeing In Theaters: Mostly yes.

EDIT: I saw this movie again, and loved it even more the second time. There were nuances that made the experience even more heartwarming and deep. So I am raising the rating from the original 8/10 to 9/10.

MVP: Wonder Woman is a excellent movie, and a refreshing take on the super hero genre. It is not a fantastical adventure; it is a real human story. Diana’s character is, simply put, a pure hero. You would be hard pressed to find a hero more genuine and pure-hearted. Definitely worth seeing.

Anyone who has been paying attention to the trend of super hero movies has noticed that in the DC versus Marvel rivalry, Marvel has been doing a much better job of delivering consistently good products. DC has had a few wins, but generally has not fared so well. This meme pretty much sums up how Wonder Woman factors into this equation:

Wonder Woman was wonderful. It was a true gem of a movie. It is my favorite super hero movie since Iron Man. Saying that is odd, since I did not find Wonder Woman to be as ‘fun’ as a lot of other super hero movies I have seen lately. I found that Wonder Woman was very different from the ‘fun filled adventure’ style of super hero movie I have become accustomed to. It was lighthearted in its own way, but overall has a much deeper and more serious approach.

The thing I loved most about this movie, was Diana (Wonder Woman). To me, she is a truly great character. She is a warrior, strong, powerful, and willful. But despite her unwavering strength, she has confident and unapologetic femininity, NOT drawn from sex appeal. She is genuinely sweet, idealistic, and compassionate. It is from these qualities that she draws her strength. She is not a warrior for the sake of defeating a bad guy, she is a warrior for the sake of defending the weak. She is a nurturer, not a destroyer.

As a hero, Diana also brings to the table something that many heroes are supposed to symbolize, but generally fall short in their depictions. More so than any other hero I have seen, Diana inspires others. Through her actions and words, she brings out the very best in people, inspiring them to greater heights. The people around her become better human beings simply by watching her, and being around her. That is what a hero is supposed to be.

This movie had some great cinematic moments that are wonderful to behold on a giant screen, but overall I enjoyed the story so much that the spectacular visuals did not add over much to the experience. I enjoyed seeing it in theaters, but I don’t think I would have necessarily regretted it if I hadn’t.

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