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DROP EVERYTHING The Trailer for Ready Player One is Out


From the moment I read this book, there has been no other sci-fi or fantasy world that I would rather live in than the one created by Earnest Cline in Ready Player One.

Like this trailer says, Ready Player One is is the Holy Grail of Pop Culture. I am so excited for this movie. I cannot remember a time I was so excited. I am literally shaking from excitement. I have not looked forward to a movie this much in….ever.

I would like to deconstruct the trailer, give my thoughts frame by frame, but I am honestly too enchanted to disenchant myself in that way. Suffice to say, the trailer is not perfect, and does denote a couple things that perhaps may not be perfect. However, if the rest of the movie is anything like this trailer, I will be a very very happy camper.

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