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Deathnote Movie Review

Kersti Rating: 3/10

On Netflix!

MVP: Not recommended. Not a complete waste of time, but not a satisfying experience. It wasn’t even bad enough that it was funny. It has that little smidgen of ‘mediocre’ that kept it from being downright crap. It has absolutely nothing to do with the source material, aside from the fact that the Deathnote exists, and the character names are the same. The only reason to watch this movie is to hear the actor for Light scream. It is hilarious.

If you loved the manga or the anime, and what you want from this movie is an even halfway decent tribute to the source material, you are going to be as disappointed as I was when I went to see Airbender, the movie which shall not be named. If you have never heard of Deathnote before seeing this movie, you will still be disappointed, but at least not in tears.

For me, the Deathnote movie was entertaining to watch for only two reasons. I watched it with my boyfriend and we griped about how annoying everything about the movie was the entire time. And I expected it to be terrible, so it pretty much met my expectations.

It wasn’t so bad that I was left laughing at how bad it was, like Sharknado or Twilight. It did have that little bit of cinematic quality that actually made it enjoyable to look at. Also, regardless of how stupid everyone was, the movie still kept you wondering how exactly things were going to escalate and pan out. And thus I as the viewer, was still engaged and not bored. The problem though, is that the movie is not nearly good enough to be considered remotely good. But not even bad enough to be remarkable. Its in a middle state of movie limbo.

Bottom line, it was a fun thing to do with my boyfriend so we can say “remember that terrible Deathnote movie we watched?” But it in no way satisfied me as a piece of entertainment media.

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