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Million Yen Women TV Show Review


Kersti TV Show Rating: 4/5

On Netflix!

MVP: I highly recommend this show. It is only 10 episodes long, a fully contained and completed story. It is different from most tv shows, and well worth your time. Though seemingly dull, the main character in surprisingly intriguing. Million Yen Women is gripping, but soothing, intense, but familiar. All in all, a wonderful experience.

Shin is an unsuccessful novelist living alone. One day, five mysterious women show up at his house to live with him, each paying him one million yen in rent every month. Though he has no idea who these women are or why they chose to come live with him, his life is forever changed by their influence.

Million Yen Women was a very different show from what I was expecting when I first started. Most TV shows I watch, and think about for a few minutes, and then don’t think about again until I am bored and and looking for a tv show to watch. This was not the case with Million Yen Women. I could not wait to keep watching. I thought about it all throughout my day.

This is a different show from most things out there. The story is inexplicably intriguing, unique and utterly unconventional, and yet somehow it feels like an everyday, typical slice of life story. It feels like the sort of story that is happening everywhere every day to people you pass in the street. Even though it very far removed from any typical life you have ever heard of. Though the specific contents and style of Shin’s writing is vague, I get the feeling that the show itself is a sort of echo of the emotion expressed in his books.



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