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Blade Runner 2049 Movie Recommendation

Kersti Rating: 8/10

Worth Seeing In Theaters: Yes the visuals are amazing and worth seeing on a giant screen. But go only if you can stand loud Inception-like soundtracks.

MVP: I haven’t seen the original Blade Runner in a very long time, and I remember surprisingly little about it. 2049 stands on its own as a wonderful movie, while the world and mood remain true to the original. It is one of the best sequels I have seen in a long time. It pays proper tribute to its predecessor, but is its own fresh, invigorating and interesting story that does not rely on the first to be good.

Like its predecessor, Blade Runner 2048 explores the concepts of what it means to be human. What it means to be made versus born. Where is the line that is drawn between what is US and what is THEM. Who and what is deserving of human rights, and decency,  and what are our obligations to them. These themes are explored in more than one way in the story, through many different characters. Its a thought provoking movie well worth your time.

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