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The ‘No Smoking’ Sign

All airplanes became smoke free by the end of the 1990s. It has been 27 years since then. There are people nearly 30 years old who never even lived in a world where smoking was allowed on airplanes. I am 27 years old. I have been flying since I was 4, and I have never, ever seen that god-damned smoking sign turn off. People KNOW by now that you do not smoke on airplanes. Its pretty common knowledge. So why the hell are those signs still there? There is no POINT to a light that has the functionality to turn off when it will never turn off. It may as well be just printed on the wall, rather than use up electricity to tell its useless message.

The no-smoking sign should be re-purposed to an ‘electronics not-allowed’ sign. To let people know when they need to turn off their electronic devices, and when it is ok to turn them back on. This would be infinitely more useful, informative, and sensible in this day and age.

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