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Ready Player One, a Call to Arms

I am absolutely floored by the new trailer for Ready Player One. I was already excited for this movie before seeing this trailer. Now I am not only excited for the entertainment value, but the cultural significance of this movie.

This movie is going to be extremely fucking relevant to the people of my generation. It basically makes a link between playing video games and being politically responsible. The war for the OASIS is metaphorical of Net Neutrality and the surrounding issues. It is as the trailer says “Nothing less than a war for control of the future.” This movie is a call to arms.

We are a generation of escapists who spend our time in games and on the internet, and staring at our phones. That is our world. We shop online, we play games with our friends online, we share our memories online, we date online, we get our news online, we learn online. We live online. It is our future.

Ready Player One will be important because it can speak to my generation in a way we understand. Gamers know how to wage war. Every gamer has saved the world many times over. If gamers could save the REAL world by playing video games, you can bet your sweet ass we would get that shit done. This movie will show us WHY we need to fight, and WHAT we are fighting for. We can be, in real life, the heroes we see ourselves as in games. We can fight the war for Net Neutrality. We can stand up to those who would seek to control access to our world. We can save our future. And we can win.

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