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Mini Golf like a Kodas

My dad and I play mini golf at least once a year, and we play in a very specific way.

Play every hole over until you get a hole in one.

One does not need a score card in Kodas Mini Golf, because you will always get a hole in one. Eventually. To play like a Kodas, you must putt from the tee over and over again until you are able to get a hole in one.

Only if an extensive number of tries has been made, the player becomes frustrated, or it is otherwise obvious that a hole in one is not possible on a certain course, is it acceptable to take a hole in two.

Once you have gotten a hole in one, you must act as ball return for those who have not.

Upon achieving a hole in one, you must stand near the hole and wait for the other player or players to putt. Once their ball has stopped moving, or it is otherwise obvious that they have not made a hole in one, you return the ball back to them so they may try again.

Let people behind you go ahead.

Playing mini golf like a Kodas is generally more time consuming than the traditional method. To be a true Kodas while playing mini golf, you must never play a hole so long as to make the people behind you wait. If there are people behind you, allow them to go ahead, continue on to the next hole, or circle back to a previous hole that you have not yet gotten a hole in one on.

Talk the talk.

There are several idioms that must be used to truly play mini golf like a Kodas.

The force with which you hit the ball is to be referred to as “enthusiasm.” For example “You were so close, you just need a little more enthusiasm.

When the ball looks like it was about to fall in the hole, but then does not, you say that the player was “rooked“.

When you are the first to approach and play a new hole you must say something demonstrating your familiarity with the course (even if you have never played the course). Something along the lines of “Let me show you how this one is done.” or “Oh this one! This one is impossible!



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