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Disaster Artist Movie Recomendation

Kersti Rating: 7/10

MVP: If you have seen The Room, and enjoyed how awful it was, you will love The Disaster Artist. If you haven’t I HIGHLY recommend seeing The Room before you see The Disaster Artist so that you have some context. Otherwise, the movie might feel like one long inside joke that you don’t know.

If you have not seen The Room, honestly, you must. It is one of the very worst things you will ever see. The Disaster Artist is the movie about the making of the one of the worst movies ever made, and it is pretty darn amazing. I enjoyed The Disaster Artist more than I enjoyed hating The Room. It is funny and ridiculous in its own right.

The thing I liked most about The Disaster Artist though, is that it is not a mock-umentary. I haven’t read the book on which this movie is based, but the events in the movie at least feel like they are true to the spirit of the people involved. Though a completely ridiculous human being, this movie brings to light the great and admirable qualities that Tommy has, which make him uniquely capable of his accomplishments. This movie makes him a real, relatable person, and not just a caricature.

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