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Honestly, its a Wholesome Comic

There is a comic on the internet called Oh Joy Sex Toy. It is a fantastic comic. And I am not at all afraid to admit that I read it.  It has information that is so very genuinely good that I would recommend it to my friends. I would recommend it to my family. I would recommend it to everyone I know (over the age of 16). The stuff in here is as useful as knowing how to tie your shoes. It is just common sense knowledge, that no one ever talks about.

Its a comic about sex and everything about sex. It is the most wholesome that sex can get. It is family friendly. There is stuff in here kids enduring puberty should know. It is information they will genuinely be happier healthier people knowing about.

This is a great comic. I highly recommend it to anyone who has anyone in their life, including themselves, who thinks about or has sex. It will help you understand your fellow man better. It will help parents understand children. It will make children understand parents. It will help friends understand friends. It will help lovers understand their partners. It will help people understand themselves. All around, I highly recommend it.

A lot of these may not be considered exactly appropriate for young audiences. It is also a comic that reviews sex toys, so keep that in mind before recommending it to younger audiences. But overall, If I had had this comic in my life puberty and beyond growing up, I could have avoided a lot of anxiety surrounding sex, and dating.

The most recent comic at the time I wrote this blog post:

3 thoughts on “Honestly, its a Wholesome Comic”

  1. Omg! This sounds fantastic. I think being open about sex is the best thing! I’m going to look at this comic right now!! You sold me, great review! Nice to meet a fellow comic lover/reviewer 🙂 Nice to meet you!! I’ll be following 😀


      1. You’re welcome! I started reading through it. It’s so funny and informative. I wish I had that when I was in high school or something. Would prevent lots of fumbling lol lol


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