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Black Panther Movie Review

Kersti Rating: I really regret that I have to give it a 6/10.

Worth Seeing in Theaters: Hell yeah, its gorgeous.

MVP: The visuals, are amazing, the cultural considerations are awesome, the characters are hilarious and super fucking cool. But the story……I just could not get into the story. Which is really sad because the story could have been so worth telling in this day and age. A great line that I do not think is a spoiler to say, “Wise men build bridges, not barriers.”

Every hero is a symbol of an ideal. Captain America, patriotism. Iron Man, intelligence. Thor, being a bro.  A good hero movie showcases that hero’s efforts in realizing that ideal in the world, bringing it to be.

To me, Black Panther’s ideal is community and tradition. His ultimate good is a united planetary people, who come together and help each other. The problem with this movie is that it did not effectively showcase Black Panther’s efforts to realize his ideal. It tried valiantly, but overall it just did not work for me. So unfortunately, I cannot give this movie as high a rating as I was hoping I could.

Anyway, if you are looking for cool effects, bad-ass and hilarious heroes, good triumphing over evil, and of course many tributes to African culture, this movie is definitely worth seeing. If you are looking for a halfway decent story, you have just barely met the threshold (5/10).

1 thought on “Black Panther Movie Review”

  1. I personally really liked it. While I agree with you that it wasn’t perfect (the pacing could have been done better and I actually thought the villain was much better than the hero), I thought it was a good movie for being Marvel. Though, considering I haven’t liked most Marvel movies, that may not be a compliment. I’d probably rate it a little higher than you. Probably 7.5/10. But I agree that there were some plot issues.


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