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My Favorite Lesser Known Anime

I swear am not one of those people who has seen a million animes. But I have probably seen more than the casual viewer. I don’t claim that these anime are in any way obscure, but they are ones that I have not heard talked about much. And I really enjoyed them. So I would like to recommend them.


This is a very weird and surreal anime with an exceptionally beautiful story. It is about a very peculiar family that has been separated from each other and the extraordinary circumstances by which they find their way back to each other.

The father is a priest with the power to create life from pictures. He creates a rabbit named Koto, who falls in love with him. Seeing this love, a buddhalocanii gives the rabbit her body so that the priest may learn love. They adopt a human boy named Yakushimaru. And the priest draws two more children, a buddha named Kurama, and demon named Yase. The existence of this odd family causes too much trouble, so the priest takes his family to live in an entire world he has drawn.

The mother and father are forced to leave their children alone in this world. But not before the father promises that he will return with their mother, and bring with him the beginning and the end. The children live in this world without their parents for many years.

Then one day, a young girl named Koto breaks her way into the world, in search of a black rabbit, and the Sensei that raised her. The three children left alone, meet a sister they never knew they had. Together, against the limits of reality and the laws of the universe, they try to find a way to reunite with their parents and understand why their parents had to leave.

From the New World

From the New World is set in a far future where some humans have developed psychic abilities. The world’s culture has changed drastically, and in some ways may be seen to have devolved. Electricity is rarely used, people travel by foot or by boat. And creatures called Monster Rats have gained sentience and created their own societies, serving under the so called ‘gods’ with psychic abilities.

Without revealing too much, this show is an interesting idea of what a post psychic ability society would be like. It explores the ideas of what it means to be human, and how a human society can survive in a future of so much individual power.


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