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Ready Player One Movie Review

Kersti Review: 5/10

Worth Seeing in Theaters: Yes, but only for the effects.

MVP: In short, this movie was deeply disappointing to me, and I cannot recommend it. I felt more emotional resonance with the 2 minute trailer above than I did at any time during the movie. I was expecting a lot from Ready Player One that it simply failed to deliver. Aside from that though, it was fun, it was entertaining, and it was pretty. As long as you don’t pay too much attention to the script, and just let the world of the OASIS entrance you, you can still have a good time with this movie. If a 5/10 is just barely passing, that is what Ready Player One is, just barely passing.

In long, if I were to give my biased opinion I would give Ready Player One a 2/10. As anyone who has frequented my blog will know, I really really had high hopes for this movie. I LOVE the book Ready Player One. I love the OASIS. This is my holy grail of sci-fi fantasy. And this movie utterly ruined it. Much of this movie, was just plain bad. The parts of the script that were not completely devoid of emotion, it was being shoved mercilessly in your face with no tact or subtlety.

I don’t even care that the events are different from the book. It is not the events that make a movie adaptation good, it is the ability to stay true to the spirit and intention of the book. Ready Player One was far from true to its source.  What peeved me most was the movie’s failure to capture the true importance and wonder that is the OASIS. The movie does a fantastic job of making it seem like a glorified virtual game world, but fails to communicate the implications of such a thing.

In short, I was still able to enjoy this movie, because I went into it with the mindset that I would enjoy it, no matter how bad it was. But I cannot recommend it to others. There are so many better movies. And if you want to experience the world of Ready Player One, the book is a far superior vehicle for doing so.


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