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Mune Movie Reccomendation

Kersti Rating: 8/10

On Netflix!

MVP: I had never heard of Mune before I watched it, but am I glad I did. I fell in love with this movie from the onset. It crafts a beautiful and inspiring world, and is rife with symbology and meaning. While it leaves a little something extra to be desired, this is only because the concept and world are so intriguing that the viewer wants to be immersed even further into the world.

Mune is a story about the duality of the inner world and the outer world, the waking life and the sleeping one. It shows how the two are a yin yang balance, both required for harmony of the world, and the self.

Netflix recommended this movie to me (90% match it told me), despite the fact that I had never heard of it. I decided to give it a go though, as the synopsis seemed cool at least. I was honestly blown away by how much I loved this movie. After having seen it, I understand Netflix’s rating was created probably from shows and movies I like along the lines of Secret of Kells, Wakfu, and Dragon Hunters. It is a film from a French animation studio, which explains why I (as an American) have not heard of it before.

I may someday write an entire blog post about my esteemed opinions on French animation, because every French animated film I have ever seen has been quite literally a work of art. Mune is no exception. Again, not the greatest animated film of all time, but damn if it isn’t gorgeous. It is a pleasure to watch, and will leave you thinking about it for a long time afterwards.


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