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Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review

Kersti Rating: 8.5/10

Worth Seeing in Theaters: The effects are great, so yes for that. Otherwise, the large screen honestly is not necessary.

MVP: This movie was awesome, if you have liked anything about any of the previous Avengers related movies, this one is a must see. While it is pretty much your typical Avengers fare, there are a couple key aspects that put this movie just a bit above the rest. The character dynamics for one. And an honestly harrowing plot, with an unexpected twist that left me thinking about this movie for days after I had seen it.

I have had the fear for a while that Marvel movies are falling into a certain ‘formula’, that while fun, regardless starts to gets a little old and predictable. Much of this movie does fit that formula (because lets face it, its a great formula), but there were some genuinely surprising unexpected twists that made it a fresh experience.

The best thing about this movie for me were the character interactions. People who had never interacted before, talking and interacting with each other in hilarious ways. The Guardians of the Galaxy meeting Thor. Excellent. I would recommend this movie just for that scene alone.


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