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The Guardian Brothers Movie Opinion

Kersti Rating: 1/10

On Netflix!

I am calling this an opinion and not a review because I have to admit that I did not actually finish the movie.

MVP: I could not finish this movie. It was just too bad. I listened to the English dub, and I found almost everything about this movie to be unbearable. The voice acting was wooden and missed every beat it could miss, (the 8 year old girl sounds 30). The plot was convoluted, and felt very forced. Even the ‘comedic’ scenes were disappointingly terrible. The best I can say about the visuals is that they were competent. The only thing that redeems this movie in my eyes, is Edward Norton’s voice.

This is a movie Netflix recommended to me. Netflix had a couple previously great recommendations for me, so I thought I would give Guardian Brothers a try. I was sorely sorry that I did. I cannot recommend this movie in any way. I could only get halfway in before I figured out where the movie was going, and decided I had no interest in seeing it through.


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