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Deadpool 2 Movie Recommendation

Kersti Rating: 9/10

Worth Seeing In Theaters: I did not regret it, and I would see it in Theaters again, but theres no real special reason to.

MVP: Since it was a problem with the first one, let me just say DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILDREN to see this movie, it is rated R and rightfully so. That said, I cannot believe how much I loved Deadpool 2. It is funny, surprisingly heartfelt, surprisingly smart and witty, and just really fun to experience.

Surprised by the 9/10? Me too! My typical opinion of a Marvel movie is about an 8, sometimes 7. I would give the first Deadpool movie probably an 8 as well. Maybe it was just because I went in expecting a 6-7ish movie, since it is a sequel after all, but Deadpool 2 surprised me in just how enjoyable it was. It was fucking hilarious. I enjoyed Deadpool 2 more than the first, and more than most Marvel movies.

I recommend staying until after ALL of the credits. There is just a little tidbit at the end of that wall of text that makes it worthwhile. 😉

Also, if you are a fan of Deadpool, I recommend this comic Romantically Apocalyptic.

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