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Crazy Rich Asians Review

Kersti Rating: 8/10

Worth Seeing In Theaters: It has some beautiful moments, but there isn’t anything you will miss by watching it at home.

TLDR: Crazy Rich Asians is a really fun, beautiful, and thoughtful chick flick romance movie. It has a lot of heart, the characters are well developed, and it is a pleasure to watch. I’m not going to go raving through the streets about this movie, but if you like chick flicks, or watched the trailer and had a smidgen of interest, I do really recommend it. It is worth it.

There is a trope in many love stories, the dilemma of marrying the person you choose versus the person your family chooses. It is a dilemma closely associated with Asian culture. This story is usually told from the perspective of the person torn between their chosen love and their family. And in modern takes of this dilemma there commonly accepted way a story like this should end. Crazy Rich Asians is a fresh and unique approach to this old trope. It instead tells the story from a different perspective, that of the chosen love, the person causing the dilemma. The story is told very well, and is a wonderfully thoughtful exploration of different types of family values.

I got to watch this movie in theaters with my boyfriend for a date night, and it was a really wonderful experience. We both loved Crazy Rich Asians. I will probably be buying this movie (or asking for it for Christmas) just because I love the associated memory.

As a side note also, the motion graphics in this movie were really fun and timeless.

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