Anime Recommendations 2019

I did a similar recommendation a while ago of my favorite recent anime so here I go again. I don’t really watch much anime, but recently I did a bit of a binge. I found one I liked and then quickly got a recommendation for another, that I also really happened to love.

No Game No Life

No Game No Life is the story of two siblings, who, combined happen to be one of the world’s best gamers. They are transported to a world where all conflict is resolved by games, and immediately begin their quest to win this world.

I found this anime extremely fun. The games themselves are interesting to watch and think about. The colorful aesthetic made it always a joy to watch, even if what was going on was relatively mundane. The animation was surprisingly wonderful. The only disappointment I got from this anime was that there is only one season so far.

Mob Psych 100

This anime has some absolutely beautiful animation to showcase Mob’s psychic abilities that is so worth the build up. It is also extremely silly and ridiculous, making it a lot of fun to watch.

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