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Kersti Overthinks Things

Where things that need no explanation are explained in too much detail

Kersti Overthinks Things updates mostly on Mondays. But if I see a movie, finish a book, tv show or game that I want to rant about, I’ll just post whenever.

I call my blog ‘Kersti Overthinks Things’ because, well, I tend to overthink things. Weirdly enough my friends and family don’t always appreciate being subjected to long-winded explanations of my half-baked philosophies, theories, dissections, and opinions. So, I have turned to the internet to alleviate their burden. This blog is a collection of my thoughts. I hope that they provide some entertainment value (ideally in a non-comical way but you know, beggars can’t be choosers) to some of the multitudes that occupy the internet.

I like stories, and science and everything in between. I tend to write about mythology, psychology, philosophy, and a lot about different stories that I read or watch or play. But my interests are varied and I pretty much write about anything that I feel the need to express an opinion, idea, or theory about.