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Why Ready Player One is my Favorite Fantasy World

Warning: This post contains (very minor) spoilers for the book, and soon to be movie of Ready Player One. Aside from the obvious, the OASIS, there isn't really that much that is great about the world of Ready Player One. In fact the world kind of sucks. Rampant poverty, unemployment, the energy crisis, major climate… Continue reading Why Ready Player One is my Favorite Fantasy World

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Ready Player One, a Call to Arms I am absolutely floored by the new trailer for Ready Player One. I was already excited for this movie before seeing this trailer. Now I am not only excited for the entertainment value, but the cultural significance of this movie. This movie is going to be extremely fucking relevant to the people of my… Continue reading Ready Player One, a Call to Arms

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How I Wake Up in the Morning

I have had to wake up in the mornings with no assistance since middle school. I am very well acquainted with the snooze button and having my REM cycle interrupted. But after years of practice getting up in the morning is relatively easy for me now. Below I share the tricks that have worked for… Continue reading How I Wake Up in the Morning

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Coco Recommendation Kersti Rating: 10/10 Worth Seeing In Theaters: Most definitely yes. The movie is amazing and beautiful and deserving of a 10/10 regardless of visuals, but the visuals are pretty darn stunning. MVP: I cannot recommend this movie enough. I have not enjoyed an animated film this much since Song of the Sea or Finding Nemo.… Continue reading Coco Recommendation

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The Difference Between Action and Adventure

I recently encountered a situation where I would have expected that an 'Action' game and an 'Adventure' game would be distinct categories, with their differences recognized and well known. Sadly these terms have become so often misused, or worse used interchangeably, that the two terms seem to mean the same thing. The distinction of these… Continue reading The Difference Between Action and Adventure