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In Favor of Things

I like things. I do not consider myself a particularly materialistic person. I am probably as attached to my material possessions as anybody in this day and age. The reasons for my materialism are myriad, and decidedly unenlightened. However, my reasons for placing importance on in-animate objects extends beyond the simple concept of possession. I believe… Continue reading In Favor of Things

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Building Bridges

I think people need to build more bridges between their beliefs and those of others. To see similarities and merits rather than differences and faults. People need to be willing to entertain other beliefs, to visit other ways of thinking. See their values, see their merits, see WHY people believe in that way. Thought Travel… Continue reading Building Bridges

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Intelligence, Knowledge, and Wisdom

The terms 'intelligence', 'knowledge', and 'wisdom' are often used interchangeably, but they have very different connotations which can mean different things in different contexts. I write this post mostly because intelligence and wisdom are two abilities in Dungeons and Dragons, and many players often have difficulty determining when one should be used versus the other.… Continue reading Intelligence, Knowledge, and Wisdom

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Why Ready Player One is my Favorite Fantasy World

Warning: This post contains (very minor) spoilers for the book, and soon to be movie of Ready Player One. Aside from the obvious, the OASIS, there isn't really that much that is great about the world of Ready Player One. In fact the world kind of sucks. Rampant poverty, unemployment, the energy crisis, major climate… Continue reading Why Ready Player One is my Favorite Fantasy World

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Ready Player One, a Call to Arms

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6vEqhOh8E0 I am absolutely floored by the new trailer for Ready Player One. I was already excited for this movie before seeing this trailer. Now I am not only excited for the entertainment value, but the cultural significance of this movie. This movie is going to be extremely fucking relevant to the people of my… Continue reading Ready Player One, a Call to Arms

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How I Wake Up in the Morning

I have had to wake up in the mornings with no assistance since middle school. I am very well acquainted with the snooze button and having my REM cycle interrupted. But after years of practice getting up in the morning is relatively easy for me now. Below I share the tricks that have worked for… Continue reading How I Wake Up in the Morning