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Dungeon of the Endless Game Review Dungeon of the Endless Steam Page Dungeon of the Endless was released in 2014, so it is by no means a new game. I picked it up during a steam sale, and I have had so much fun playing it I would be remiss if I did not recommend it to others. TLDR: If… Continue reading Dungeon of the Endless Game Review

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Crazy Rich Asians Review Kersti Rating: 8/10 Worth Seeing In Theaters: It has some beautiful moments, but there isn't anything you will miss by watching it at home. TLDR: Crazy Rich Asians is a really fun, beautiful, and thoughtful chick flick romance movie. It has a lot of heart, the characters are well developed, and it is a… Continue reading Crazy Rich Asians Review

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What Remains of Edith Finch Review Kersti Rating: 9/10 (would have been 10/10 if it were longer) Cost vs. Value:  At $19.99, if you like narrative in games, it is 100% worth it. TLDR: What Remains of Edith Finch is a masterful piece of storytelling in context of any piece of media, let alone video games. Even if you are not… Continue reading What Remains of Edith Finch Review

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Science Fiction Book Review Dump

I have listened to several science fiction audio books recently that I simply need to recommend. Rather than do a post for each, I figured I would just lump them all together. The Spaceship Next Door Written by Gene Doucette, audio book narrated by Steve Carlson. The Spaceship Next Door was a thoroughly enjoyable book… Continue reading Science Fiction Book Review Dump

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Deadpool 2 Movie Recommendation Kersti Rating: 9/10 Worth Seeing In Theaters: I did not regret it, and I would see it in Theaters again, but theres no real special reason to. MVP: Since it was a problem with the first one, let me just say DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILDREN to see this movie, it is rated R… Continue reading Deadpool 2 Movie Recommendation

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The Guardian Brothers Movie Opinion Kersti Rating: 1/10 On Netflix! I am calling this an opinion and not a review because I have to admit that I did not actually finish the movie. MVP: I could not finish this movie. It was just too bad. I listened to the English dub, and I found almost everything about this movie… Continue reading The Guardian Brothers Movie Opinion