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Annihilation Movie Review Kersti Rating: 9.5/10 Worth Seeing In Theaters: Definitely yes. MVP: See this movie. Annihilation is one of my favorite movies that has come out in recent memory. It is thoughtful, beautiful, the acting is fantastic, the characters are real, the plot is as intriguing as a plot can be. It leaves you with as many… Continue reading Annihilation Movie Review

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Black Panther Movie Review Kersti Rating: I really regret that I have to give it a 6/10. Worth Seeing in Theaters: Hell yeah, its gorgeous. MVP: The visuals, are amazing, the cultural considerations are awesome, the characters are hilarious and super fucking cool. But the story......I just could not get into the story. Which is really sad because… Continue reading Black Panther Movie Review

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Disaster Artist Movie Recomendation Kersti Rating: 7/10 MVP: If you have seen The Room, and enjoyed how awful it was, you will love The Disaster Artist. If you haven't I HIGHLY recommend seeing The Room before you see The Disaster Artist so that you have some context. Otherwise, the movie might feel like one long inside joke that… Continue reading Disaster Artist Movie Recomendation

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Coco Recommendation Kersti Rating: 10/10 Worth Seeing In Theaters: Most definitely yes. The movie is amazing and beautiful and deserving of a 10/10 regardless of visuals, but the visuals are pretty darn stunning. MVP: I cannot recommend this movie enough. I have not enjoyed an animated film this much since Song of the Sea or Finding Nemo.… Continue reading Coco Recommendation

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Thor: Ragnarok Recommendation Kersti Rating: 8/10 Worth Seeing In Theaters: Yes. There are a few scenes that are just really cool to see on a giant screen. But if you miss it in theaters, don't sweat it. It really isn't anything you haven't seen in a theater before. MVP: Thor Ragnarok was a thoroughly fun movie. It follows Guardians… Continue reading Thor: Ragnarok Recommendation

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IT Movie Recommendation Kersti Rating: 8/10 Worth Seeing In Theaters: There are some pretty awesome visuals that are cool to see in a theater setting, but overall the theater experience didn't feel entirely necessary to the enjoyment of the movie. I recommend seeing IT while in theaters, but no need to lament if you miss the opportunity.… Continue reading IT Movie Recommendation

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Blade Runner 2049 Movie Recommendation Kersti Rating: 8/10 Worth Seeing In Theaters: Yes the visuals are amazing and worth seeing on a giant screen. But go only if you can stand loud Inception-like soundtracks. MVP: I haven't seen the original Blade Runner in a very long time, and I remember surprisingly little about it. 2049 stands on its own as a… Continue reading Blade Runner 2049 Movie Recommendation