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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Game Design Analysis

I have been playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for a while now, and I am loving it to death. There are a lot of genuinely great game design aspects that make this game a true gem among mobile free-to-play games. What is the Appeal of Animal Crossing? For those who don't already know about Animal… Continue reading Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Game Design Analysis

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Thousand Threads Trailers Review I know I am a bit late on this but if you haven't heard of it already, Thousand Threads is a game to keep an eye on. Thousand Threads is a game being developed by Seamount Games. The most recent gameplay trailer was released May 2017, so hopefully development is still going strong, and… Continue reading Thousand Threads Trailers Review

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The Pack Rat Gamer

Thoughts on Inventory Management Design in Video Games I am a pack rat gamer. One of my favorite things to do in video games is to collect things. If there is random shit to pick up, you can bet your britches I will go out of my way to do so. As you can imagine,… Continue reading The Pack Rat Gamer

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Why Have I Played So Much Tap Tap Fish?

Tap Tap Fish is a mobile 'game' I recently started 'playing', and have been having a lot of fun with. As a game designer, I consider this type of 'game' to be an abomination, an insult to the world of gaming. If you do not already play Tap Tap Fish I cannot in good conscious… Continue reading Why Have I Played So Much Tap Tap Fish?

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Beginner’s Guide to Shader Forge

A beginner’s guide to making effects with node-based shaders in Shader Forge for Unity Shader Forge is a node-based interface that enables game developers to create shaders for Unity applications. Shaders are a useful thing for every 3d designer to know. Not only do artists need to know how to use them to make a… Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to Shader Forge