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Wakfu TV Show Recommendation Kersti Rating: 8/10 On Netflix! MVP: If you are a fan of shows like Airbender and Steven Universe, Wakfu is the show for you. Like similar shows, it starts off with a general 'kiddy' vibe, but soon becomes a much deeper, much more epic and beautiful experience. I highly recommend watching it in its… Continue reading Wakfu TV Show Recommendation

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Mune Movie Reccomendation Kersti Rating: 8/10 On Netflix! MVP: I had never heard of Mune before I watched it, but am I glad I did. I fell in love with this movie from the onset. It crafts a beautiful and inspiring world, and is rife with symbology and meaning. While it leaves a little something extra to… Continue reading Mune Movie Reccomendation

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Little Witch Academia: Changing the World

This post contains spoilers. There are no spoilers of specific events, only of concepts and ideals that are revealed to be important to the plot, and how they relate to specific characters. If you plan on watching the show, I highly suggest you do not read this post until after you have done so. However,… Continue reading Little Witch Academia: Changing the World

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Little Evil Movie Review Kersti Rating: 7/10 On Netflix! MVP: Not cinema gold, but worth watching. If you are a stepparent, or (like me) have a stepparent that you love, this movie is for you. What starts off as an amusing concept eventually becomes a surprisingly touching story about the unique challenges that new step children and step… Continue reading Little Evil Movie Review

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Deathnote Movie Review Kersti Rating: 3/10 On Netflix! MVP: Not recommended. Not a complete waste of time, but not a satisfying experience. It wasn't even bad enough that it was funny. It has that little smidgen of 'mediocre' that kept it from being downright crap. It has absolutely nothing to do with the source material, aside from… Continue reading Deathnote Movie Review