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Building Bridges

I think people need to build more bridges between their beliefs and those of others. To see similarities and merits rather than differences and faults. People need to be willing to entertain other beliefs, to visit other ways of thinking. See their values, see their merits, see WHY people believe in that way. Thought Travel… Continue reading Building Bridges

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Interpretations of Why the Chicken Crossed the Road

Everyone has heard the joke "Why did the chicken cross the road?" with the classic answer, "To get to the other side." Most people think of it as the quintessential ‘anti-joke’, a joke that messes with your expectations by delivering an answer that is not a punch-line. But there is an interpretation of this joke… Continue reading Interpretations of Why the Chicken Crossed the Road


An Analysis of Thought Patterns

Human thought patterns are a fascinating subject because as much as we spend our lives thinking, we still understand relatively little about the process. In this essay I explore thought and the patterns that develop as biological processes, and the nature of ‘intelligence’ within this structure. I would like to preface this analysis by admitting… Continue reading An Analysis of Thought Patterns