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The Hearthstone Short that Made me a Fan Again

I played Hearthstone for a few months a year or two ago. I found it very entertaining and fun, but after a while I just stopped playing. Mainly because I am not a huge fan of competitive games. But also because I didn't see it as anything more than a card game. Just recently, I… Continue reading The Hearthstone Short that Made me a Fan Again

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Thor: Ragnarok Recommendation Kersti Rating: 8/10 Worth Seeing In Theaters: Yes. There are a few scenes that are just really cool to see on a giant screen. But if you miss it in theaters, don't sweat it. It really isn't anything you haven't seen in a theater before. MVP: Thor Ragnarok was a thoroughly fun movie. It follows Guardians… Continue reading Thor: Ragnarok Recommendation

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The Difference Between Action and Adventure

I recently encountered a situation where I would have expected that an 'Action' game and an 'Adventure' game would be distinct categories, with their differences recognized and well known. Sadly these terms have become so often misused, or worse used interchangeably, that the two terms seem to mean the same thing. The distinction of these… Continue reading The Difference Between Action and Adventure

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The Annihilation Trailer is Out! The second of my 'books to read before they become movies in 2018' now has a trailer! And it looks really awesome. Somehow they have nailed the visuals for me. They are sufficiently surreal, with just the right amount of familiarity to put it on that border of unnerving and creepy. It seems like,… Continue reading The Annihilation Trailer is Out!