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Get Out Movie Recommendation

Kersti Rating: 7/10

Worth Seeing in Theaters: No

MVP: An amazing, socially conscious horror film. Really awesome. Worth your time. Nothing about the soundtrack or visuals stood out to me, so seeing this in your own home instead of a theater will in no way diminish your enjoyment. A must see, but not necessarily a must have.

One of the reasons I tend not to like horror movies is because they are violence and fear for the sake of violence and fear. Get Out is the first horror movie in a long time that I want to recommend to people because it is actually trying to explore and communicate something deeper about the human condition than ‘stuff scares us’. The delivery of social commentary in an unnerving setting reminded me a lot of the way I felt watching Stepford Wives, though Get Out is more frightening in its essence and delivery. Get Out is not only a genuinely frightening story, but a social commentary on race. Regardless of your race though, Get Out is freaky as shit, which makes its message speak to all.

Because someone asked me, I would like to also point out that for a horror movie Get Out is very light on gore. Viewers sensitive to that sort of thing won’t be turned off by Get Out. There is some gore, and one or two very intense violent scenes, but by and large the most graphic bits are off screen.

There are two reasons I don’t rate this movie higher. One, I am of the opinion that a movie is as much a narrative piece of art as it is a visual piece of art. I like my movies to look like beautiful compositions. Get Out didn’t speak to me on that level, and most of the time I felt like I could have enjoyed it as a radio drama just as well as a movie. Two, while I think everyone should see this movie at least once, I didn’t feel like it had a lot of re-watch value. I like my movies to continue to give and give with multiple viewings. I concede that I only saw it once, but I just didn’t feel like Get Out would have had more to offer me if I had watched it again. All in all, I highly recommend watching this movie, but not necessarily buying.

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