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The Bobiverse Book Recommendation

This post does NOT contain spoilers.

5/5 stars. Fantastic audio book. Highly recommended to sci-fi genre fans.

Consisting of We are Legion (We are Bob), For We are Many, and All These Worlds, The Bobiverse is a trilogy by Dennis E. Taylor about a computer software engineer named Bob who dies, and a hundred years later his consciousness is turned into an AI that controls a self replicating space ship. The ensuing fleet of immortal Bobs explores the universe, discovering new systems, planets, alien species, and tries to help humanity not go extinct. Full of fun geeky references, political and ethical commentary, this trilogy is an amazing, and extremely interesting new Sci-Fi universe that I highly recommend getting yourself into.

The book is told from Bob’s perspective. Bob is an exceedingly smart, sarcastic, complex and interesting character, so his take on the world makes for a fascinating read in and of itself. As the narrative evolves, the reader is treated with the perspectives of the other ‘replicated’ Bobs, all of whom have their own names and are slightly different and unique from each other. (Reiker, Linus, Homer, and Mario to name a few of my favorites.) The dynamics that emerge from the various Bobs interacting with each other is interesting in and of itself, but there is so much more as well! The tech they use and engineer. The planets and alien species they discover. Not to mention Bob trying to navigate the political intrigue of the remaining human populations as he tries to save their asses from extinction. Fun at every turn.

I listened to these books on audio during the drive to and from the video game convention, PAX West. Seeing as how the first book starts off with Bob attending a Sci-Fi convention, it struck an extra special chord. The narrator for the audio book is fantastic, and does a tremendous job of inflecting Bob’s various idioms and tropes, to make the character extremely relate-able. Just a joy to listen to.

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