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Wakfu TV Show Recommendation Kersti Rating: 8/10 On Netflix! MVP: If you are a fan of shows like Airbender and Steven Universe, Wakfu is the show for you. Like similar shows, it starts off with a general 'kiddy' vibe, but soon becomes a much deeper, much more epic and beautiful experience. I highly recommend watching it in its… Continue reading Wakfu TV Show Recommendation

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Million Yen Women TV Show Review

Kersti TV Show Rating: 4/5 On Netflix! MVP: I highly recommend this show. It is only 10 episodes long, a fully contained and completed story. It is different from most tv shows, and well worth your time. Though seemingly dull, the main character in surprisingly intriguing. Million Yen Women is gripping, but soothing, intense, but… Continue reading Million Yen Women TV Show Review

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Little Witch Academia Recommendation This post does not contain spoilers. Little Witch Academia is the story of a girl named Akko who attends the Luna Nova magical school to follow in the footsteps of her idol, Shiny Chariot. She is pretty terrible at magic, but she doesn't let that stop her. An adorable, inspiring, beautifully animated show. A… Continue reading Little Witch Academia Recommendation