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Thor: Ragnarok Recommendation

Kersti Rating: 8/10

Worth Seeing In Theaters: Yes. There are a few scenes that are just really cool to see on a giant screen. But if you miss it in theaters, don’t sweat it. It really isn’t anything you haven’t seen in a theater before.

MVP: Thor Ragnarok was a thoroughly fun movie. It follows Guardians of the Galaxy in the vein of fun, lighthearted super hero movies that don’t take themselves too seriously. The side characters are insanely fun and well rounded. It has an epic-ly fun soundtrack that will leave you pounding your fists against your chair. All around a good time.

My favorite thing about Thor Ragnarok was the theme of brotherhood. The movie explores this theme in the relationships between Thor and Loki, Hulk, and even Banner in delightfully fresh and unique ways.

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