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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Game Design Analysis

I have been playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for a while now, and I am loving it to death. There are a lot of genuinely great game design aspects that make this game a true gem among mobile free-to-play games. What is the Appeal of Animal Crossing? For those who don't already know about Animal… Continue reading Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Game Design Analysis

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Ready Player One, a Call to Arms I am absolutely floored by the new trailer for Ready Player One. I was already excited for this movie before seeing this trailer. Now I am not only excited for the entertainment value, but the cultural significance of this movie. This movie is going to be extremely fucking relevant to the people of my… Continue reading Ready Player One, a Call to Arms

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Small World Sorcerers

I have had the board game Small World for a few years now. I've played against and as sorcerers several times. Sometimes they are great, sometimes not. Regardless they are one of the most fun and interesting races to play. First I want to analyze the properties of the sorcerer's power. In summation, the sorcerer's… Continue reading Small World Sorcerers

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Thousand Threads Trailers Review I know I am a bit late on this but if you haven't heard of it already, Thousand Threads is a game to keep an eye on. Thousand Threads is a game being developed by Seamount Games. The most recent gameplay trailer was released May 2017, so hopefully development is still going strong, and… Continue reading Thousand Threads Trailers Review

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The Hearthstone Short that Made me a Fan Again

I played Hearthstone for a few months a year or two ago. I found it very entertaining and fun, but after a while I just stopped playing. Mainly because I am not a huge fan of competitive games. But also because I didn't see it as anything more than a card game. Just recently, I… Continue reading The Hearthstone Short that Made me a Fan Again

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The Difference Between Action and Adventure

I recently encountered a situation where I would have expected that an 'Action' game and an 'Adventure' game would be distinct categories, with their differences recognized and well known. Sadly these terms have become so often misused, or worse used interchangeably, that the two terms seem to mean the same thing. The distinction of these… Continue reading The Difference Between Action and Adventure

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The Pack Rat Gamer

Thoughts on Inventory Management Design in Video Games I am a pack rat gamer. One of my favorite things to do in video games is to collect things. If there is random shit to pick up, you can bet your britches I will go out of my way to do so. As you can imagine,… Continue reading The Pack Rat Gamer